The following applies to all Type 40 watches:

Battery stuck inside watch – It is possible that the battery remains stuck in the cavity when you try to change it (i.e.: gravity alone is not sufficient to extract the battery). In such case, the trick is to hold the watch with door open in one hand (make sure you hold the door too) and strike the battery opening on your other hand firmly. Battery will eventually start to slip out at which point you can grab it with your fingers.

Duracell battery not working – Duracell batteries have a slightly shorter positive tip. This is sufficient to prevent contact inside the watch. Division Furtive therefore recommends Energizer but fell free to try other brands.

Water — Type 40 watches are not entirely waterproof. If water gets into the watch, remove the battery as soon as possible and place the watch at 20 cm under a hot lamp (not boiling hot) for at least one hour on each side. Water will evaporate and the watch should return to its original condition.

The following ONLY applies to Type 40 watches sold during the 2012 Kickstarter campaign:

Programming — In rare cases, when programming the Type 40, it is possible that the LEDs will blink rapidly at 12h00 for a few seconds and then the watch will stop responding once it is put downward (all LEDs permanently off…not to be confused with the 60-second programming time-out where the watch will blink rapidly at 12h00 but will still respond normally after being put downward). If this happens, you must reset the watch by letting the battery door opened for at least 45 seconds (no need to remove the battery). Open and close the door using the provided hex key (watch this video for more details).

Wristband screws – With time, the screws that link the wristband to the casing can loosen and ultimately fall off. To avoid this, from time to time, make sure the screws are well fasten. When properly fastened, the screw does not stick out more than 0.5 mm from each side of the casing. Any narrow and flat object can be used to fasten the screws (use one on each side). Light torque is sufficient to tighten the screws. Be careful not to use excessive torque as this could damage the screw’s thread. If you lost a screw, contact Division Furtive for a replacement.